Point offers a comprehensive range of integrated infrastructure architectural design and development management services compliant to the scope of services required by clients. These services typically include but are not limited to the following work stages of a project.

(the enlightenment of the vision)


  • Liaise with client to define and confirm the brief, obtain the specific requirements, establish the goal and envision the space and facility to be created;
  • Implement a visit to the property to determine the context, the environment, the impact of the proposed development on the surrounding area and how this development could contribute to and enhance the area;
  • Establish local legislative and aesthetical requirements;
  • Determine the scope and the additional consultants required for the project and co-ordinate;

(transforming the idea in visual form)


  • Prepare initial set of sketch plans to capture the essence of the brief from the client and the principles that would be further analysed and developed;
  • Engage and liaise with the client to review the initial design and to determine if the essence of the project has been understood and captured in the high-level concepts;

(breaking down the vision to elements)


  • Integrate the comments and detail requirements following the discussions with the client and further develop the initial sketch plans;
  • Present the sketch designs and concepts with the relevant consultants and co-ordinate their input and advise accordingly;
  • Confirm practical and financial related aspects to ensure that creativity and reality is in balance;
  • Continuously liaise with the client and review design and brief as required to set the process in motion of achieving the goals;
  • Establish final agreed sketch plans and concepts.

(regulations are there not to be broken)


  • Prepare the necessary documentation and drawings based on final sketch plan for council submission in conjunction with the relevant consultants;
  • Submit to council for approval & administer approval process.

(to the nitty gritty)


  • Prepare together with the consultants a set of detail drawings and specifications for construction & tender purposes;
  • Request quotes and or call for tenders for the construction of the vision.

(getting down to business)


  • Award the construction to the successful contractor and assist with the conclusion of the building contract between the client and contractor;
  • Act as principle agent for and on behalf of the client and to the client’s best interest with the contractor;
  • Implement regular site inspections and meetings to manage quality and progress and to ensure that the work is implemented in accordance with the drawings and acceptable standards;
  • Issue required Site Instructions, payment certificates and lists of defects.

(the final stretch)


  • Inspect for defects, certify works and issue Practical as well as Final completion certificates;
  • Close and accept rectification of defective items and reconcile payments;
  • Keys Hand-over in order for the client to experience and live or work within.


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