Point’s attitude towards Architecture and Property Development is based on our view that when designing spaces and using elements to create a specific unique place, that ordinary is not adequate. It requires creativity, innovation, imagination, experience and knowledge to develop extraordinary but realistic concepts. Point is dedicated to ensuring that the design and development solutions are the optimal, and for us to succeed in achieving specific individual requirements of our clients.

The architectural journey, it is not only about the experience of getting from one point to the next, but to ultimately reach the goal that you’ve set yourself to achieve – Point will find the balance between the different components in pursuit of the perfect end to the journey.


Arno Stander completed his BArch Degree (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria in 1991 and registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession. Arno practiced as an architect and an associate with leading architectural firms where he was involved in architectural work, project management and as principal and lead architect.

His work experience spans over a brought range of development typologies within the commercial, leisure, residential, retail and Healthcare sectors with a further focus on Space Optimization, Facilities Management and Property Development environments. His understanding and experience of the requirements of design, construct and development management (also within the multi-disciplinary environment) makes him an expert in these fields.

His experience in the property development and management sector, from the planning and design stage to the execution thereof and the ongoing management and maintenance aspects gives Arno the capability to approach developments holistically and to find a balance between the multiple facets within the creative realm.


In architecture creativity must be responsible. Although Point challenges and go beyond the ordinary, it must be done rationally, to together with the client, other specialist in the design team, national legislation, financial aspects and timelines develop a fully integrated design solution.

Clients makes decisions and visualises the project before an architect is involved. Architects are in the fortunate position to assist clients with these sometimes-daunting decisions and to strategically conceptualise the project and to clarify same around the development. In such, every project starts without the boundaries and through clear creative thinking, evolves these ideas to a solution that is a fit-for-purpose for the property and client requirements.

We use a holistic approach to create a design and to ultimately find the correct answer and solution to the initial question posed by the client, having to consider the environment, context, people, culture, community and related influences. By connecting and integrating all these elements a unique place can be created. Architecture is like music in sculpture, with all elements as notes in harmony to create emotion, passion and an experience for those who are willing to listen.

Architecture and design for us is not only on how you perceive the building visually but how you interact with the building. It is important to essentially feel the building and to live the building, to sense the touch of the floor under your feet, the way in how you greet and shake hands with the building when touching the door handles, the way in how the building’s mood changes in the evening or how it awakens in the morning.